RNT: 57905 - Cel: 300 3067702 - 316 5270055 Tel: 57+5 652 5605 - Carrera 3 No. 65-104 Crespo District, Cartagena - Colombia.

Tips for your trip

Cartagena is characterized by having warm and stable temperatures throughout the year that range between 22° and 36°, which is why Cartagena is a ideal destination for the whole year. If you want to save money, it is recommended that you travel in low season (February, March, April, May, September, October), if you plan to travel in high season (December, January, June, July, August, November), It is better that you make your reservation with enough anticipation.

It is recommended to wear open footwear and light clothes for hot weather. The swimsuit is inevitable, in the same way it is recommended to wear a hat, glasses, some elegant outfit for some special evening, camera.


It is recommended to move to the interior of the city, the use of taxi, the minimum fare is COP $7.000. If what you want is to go to the outskirts of the city, we recommend that you buy a tour or rent a car. To keep you connected, you can purchase a prepaid card with minutes, in this way you will know where you are and how to get to your destinations. This card can be purchased at shopping centers in the city or at Movistar stores, tigo or claro.

Likewise, the ideal is that when you travel abroad, you have your travel insurance in case you have health problems, your debit and credit cards must also be enabled. In the same way, you must carry your passport or citizenship card.


The official language is Spanish, however, if you master English, you can easily communicate in tourist sites, although an application to translate can get you out of trouble in case you need help.


For a comfortable and pleasant stay, we recommend performing the following procedures:

  • Confirm your reservations by phone, email, Web site by making the web check in on the hotel page, please, confirm your arrival time to be attentive to your arrival.
  • If you arrive from the airport, by taxi the hotel is only three minutes away, walking is 9 minutes. Check the location map that will guide you on your arrival. If you wish, you can request our pick-up service for a small fee.
  • If you require parking, please tell us about your request in advance
  • Apply in advance for your hosting preferences and the additional services you wish to hire.
  • The communication with the hotel team will be preferentially via whatsapp, in case you have communication difficulties through this channel, please let us know.
  • For your peace of mind we recommend depositing your valuables in the hotel safe and request a receipt of the delivered values, a document that will be used for the return of your goods at the end of your stay, otherwise, request your security box.
  • For the payment of services, our hotel accepts national currency, US dollars, debit cards, Master Card, Visa and American xpress credit cards.
  • Request information of tourist tours offered by our hotel.
  • Request information about current offers and plans at our hotel.
  • Ask about the internal regulations and policies of our hotel.

Múcura Hotel & Spa
Múcura Hotel & Spa
Múcura Hotel & Spa
Múcura Hotel & Spa

Our Rooms

COMFORT AND PEACE, The rooms of Múcura Hotel & Spa are designed for your relaxation and comfort. The materials are of high quality, the beds are comfortable, local artisans and designers have contributed to create this beautiful, simple and magical place, a space with identity and soul and wrapped by the love and passion of its creators, Dellyr and Johana.

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Our services have been designed with dedication and love especially for you, we appreciate your suggestions, comments and congratulations as they will make our service every time better.

Cordially, team Hotel Múcura.

RNT: 57905 - Cel: 300 3067702 - 316 5270055 Tel: 57+5 652 5605 - Carrera 3 No. 65-104 Barrio Crespo, Cartagena - Colombia.