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Múcura Hotel & Spa

About Us

Hotel Múcura is a boutique hotel designed to serve those customers who are looking for a place to rest, which provides tranquility and wellness. We are a modern and flexible Hotel, with a vision of respect for local traditions, nature and people of the region, therefore, we have devised services adapted to your needs that will allow you to discover the customs and characteristics of the region, while you enjoy the best experience.

A big part of the accessories of the hotel are handmade by artisans of the region, each detail of the hotel has a special meaning and has been designed to provide wellness and tranquility. A big part of our team is from the region and will be at your disposal to provide you the best service.

Additionally, our Hotel seeks to be accord with nature and care for the environment, where you can feel in a fresh and natural environment. The area where we are located is quiet, near the beach, where you can see the sea, walk, ride a bicycle, play sports and have a fun time with children in the games arranged in the place.

Its creators, Dellyr and Johana, have designed this hotel, with the purpose of promoting the wellness and tranquility of tourists and make Hotel Múcura a suitable space to find calm, happiness and peace.

Múcura Hotel & Spa

Our Rooms

COMFORT AND PEACE, The rooms of Múcura Hotel & Spa are designed for your relaxation and comfort. The materials are of high quality, the beds are comfortable, local artisans and designers have contributed to create this beautiful, simple and magical place, a space with identity and soul and wrapped by the love and passion of its creators, Dellyr and Johana.

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Our services have been designed with dedication and love especially for you, we appreciate your suggestions, comments and congratulations as they will make our service every time better.

Cordially, team Hotel Múcura.

RNT: 57905 - Cel: 300 3067702 - 316 5270055 Tel: 57+5 652 5605 - Carrera 3 No. 65-104 Barrio Crespo, Cartagena - Colombia.